Wellbeing activities are a must-have in the workplace and especially at the Airmic Conference. Workplace wellbeing is a concern for every industry. Over 15.4 million working days are lost in the UK every year due to stress, depression and anxiety – 57% of all working days lost to ill health.

At the Airmic Conference, you will find a nice variety of wellness and exercise classes to attend. We want to give attendees the chance to try new classes, whether it’s an energetic run across beautiful scenery, a spiritual class like Tai Chi or 10 minutes of mindfulness.

Thank you to some of our Partners for hosting these sessions. You must pre-register for all classes.

5k River Run

7 June 08.00

River Entrance ACC

A 5k river run along the river Mersey. Meet us directly behind the conference centre on the river side, bright and early.  A perfect way to start your morning.

QBE Yoga class

7 June 08.00

Riverside Balcony

(Mats will be provided). Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing. Yoga can help those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Held at the conference centre, in a light and airy space with fantastic river views. 

Tai Chi

7 June 08.00


Come and start the day by being more relaxed, grounded and present through Tai Chi practice.
Tai Chi is simply meditation in movement, and we will be exploring a few simple exercises that work to harmonise the body, breath and mind, preparing you for the day ahead. Tai Chi, also called tai chi chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, Tai Chi is now practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise. Join in this 45-minute introduction class to learn the basic moves of this ancient exercise.

Held at the conference centre.

Marsh Mindfulness HUB

7 June and 8 June

Stand 129

Join Marsh for 10mins on Mindfulness in the Marsh Mindfulness HUB. Drop in during one of scheduled sessions,  no registration needed.

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention in the present moment without evaluation, a skill one develops through meditation or other training.

By attending this session you will learn how to:

  • Connect your mind and body
  • How to relax after a couple of minutes
  • To become more self aware

Session times:

7th June –    

10.30 – 10.40

13.00 – 13.10

13.30 – 13.40

8th June –   

11.30 – 11.40

12.00 – 12.10

12.30 – 12.40