5th Oct, 14:00 - 15:00

S1. The future of the insurance market – a new reality?

We face an unfamiliar and rapidly evolving insurance landscape. Many digital disruptors now use algorithms to settle claims in seconds and regulators have toughened up oversight. At a macro level, rapid changes to our weather, lifestyles, societies and political systems have overturned old certainties.

The UK insurance industry stands on the precipice of profound change. Demanding customers, new competitors, a changing set of challenges and the ongoing issues following Brexit are transforming the landscape.

Is London still and is it likely to remain the centre of the insurance eco-system?

This seminar will consider the profile, risks and opportunities of market change, what the customer wants, and what the market is able and willing to provide.

The moderator for this session will be Peter Thompson, ex Walgreens/Boots.

Ryan Bond
CEO Bowring Marsh UK and Ireland
Peta Kilian
Senior Strategy and Innovation Analyst
John Abel
Technical Director, Office of the CTO
Google Cloud
Alexander Oddy
Peter Thompson
Retired Member
Charlie Langdale
Head of Climate Risk and Resilience
Tom Hoad
Head of Innovation at Tokio Marine Kiln
Tokio Marine Kiln

5th Oct, 14:00 - 15:00

S2. Sustainability without compromise - delivering long-term value in a fast-changing world

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda is about building sustainable, resilient and purpose-led organisations. The ESG rating of a business is critical for investors and will determine who will do business with an organisation now and in the future. Yet, the score is only an outcome of what a business actually does.

Data and transparency are critical to capture commitment to ESG and to articulate the resilience and sustainability of the organisation to stakeholders. But is ESG the same as ‘sustainability’ and ‘corporate responsibility’?

Many organisations use ‘sustainability’, ‘corporate responsibility’ or ‘corporate social responsibility’ interchangeably to refer to strategies or programmes related to ESG activities. Acting on ESG issues was important before the pandemic and confronting these will be even more important after it.

This seminar will consider the ESG journey across the business cycle as part of economic recovery.

The moderator for this session will be Richard Hoult, Director of risk and assurance, Thames Water

Sierra Signorelli
CEO Commercial Insurance
Dr Tony Rooke
Director, Climate Transition Risk, Climate and Resilience Hub
Willis Towers Watson
Swenja Surminiski
Head of Adaptation Research Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Richard Hoult
Director of Risk, Audit & Assurance
Thames Water
Gus MacFarlane
VP, Head of Extractives
Verisk Maplecroft
Nina Arquint
Chief Risk Officer
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
Steven Watson
Managing Director, London Market
RSA Insurance Group

5th Oct, 14:00 - 15:00

S3. The Office of the New vs the Old Normal

Has the pandemic witnessed a remote working “experiment”, or has it provided the foundation for long-term change? Since Covid-19 changed our lives, employees globally have settled into the rhythms of mandatory remote work.

Now, as organisations decide the best way forward for their workers it is clear that many employees do not want to stuff the genie entirely back into the bottle. A future of the office global occupier sentiment survey by CBRE, the real estate services and investment firm, reveals a blend of cautious optimism and pragmatic concerns – some of the workforce will be permitted to work from home full or part-time, whilst the office will remain important. Longer term, however, there are likely to be some profound changes.

This seminar will consider how organisations and their workers will cope and adapt to hybrid working, while concurrently transform, innovate, and continue to develop their people.

Moderated by Julia Graham, Airmic CEO

Alan Moore
General Manager UK Branch & UK Country Head Global Corporate & Commercial
Rebecca Fuller
Head of EMEA, Managing Director
Fiona Davidge
Enterprise Risk Senior Manager
Wellcome Trust
Sam Irving
Digital Channel Lead
Adam Ireland
Airmic L&D

5th Oct, 14:00 - 15:00

S4. Not Covid again! Risks and megatrends beyond the pandemic

As we entered the second year of the pandemic, risk professionals continued to navigate an increasingly interconnected risk landscape. They have risen to the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 crisis and are increasingly contributing to their organisations at a more strategic level, which requires an ever deeper understanding of risks.

The Airmic 2021 survey report, which will be released during the conference, will look at the risks and megatrends impacting organisations, providing the context in which risk professionals are operating. It will do so through five main themes – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) & sustainability; agility & adaptability; diversity & inclusion; cyber; and mental health.

Our panel of experts will discuss the survey report and its five main themes, moderated by Alison Quinlivan, International Insurance Leader at Google.

This seminar will provide insight into the observations and conclusions of the report, while discussing how the profession can work together in responding to these challenges and tap on the business opportunities.

Alison Quinlivan (Moderator)
International Insurance Leader
Dr. Beverley Adams
Leader and Innovator in Climate and Catastrophe Risk Strategy, Resilience and Reporting
Matt Lacy
Interim Executive Director - UK
QBE Europe
Mark Gilbert
Director, Head of UK Markets
Roger Jackson
 Joe Buckley
 Associate Director
Control Risks
Hoe-Yeong Loke
Research Manager

6th Oct, 9:45 - 10:45

S5. The widening responsibilities of directors - challenges for the ‘perfect board’

The intention of UK audit and corporate governance reforms is to ensure “the UK’s markets are at the cutting edge of global best practice”. The regulator which replaces the FRC will be given much stronger powers to enforce standards including new powers over corporate executives.

Directors of the country’s biggest companies will be more accountable when they breach their duties, with the prospect of fines or bans, but only when there are serious failings such as misleading accounts or hiding information from auditors. This measure would not affect the vast majority of directors, but it reflects the level of responsibility that comes with a board position in the largest companies.

This seminar will consider the impact of reforms proposed on an already beleaguered D&O insurance market, risk management interventions to build corporate resilience, as well as the implications for attracting the caliber of director required to discharge responsibilities in an environment of increased personal responsibility and exposure.

Representatives from the below company will sit on this panel:

The moderator for this session will be John Ludlow, Airmic Board Member

Noona Barlow
Partner, Financial Lines
Sarah Mcnally
John Ludlow
Airmic Board Member
Hannah Tindal
Head of D&O for Regional Unit London & Nordics
Tracey Skinner
Group Insurance Director
Dr Nadeem Kahn
Programme Director, MA Board Practice and Directorship
Henley Business School

6th Oct, 9:45 - 10:45

S6. Back in fashion and there’s no going back – How captives are changing the conversation for insurance buyers

The accelerating interest in captive insurance among Airmic members supports global statistics that show that new formation inquiries are on the rise.

In this panel of expert captive professionals and insurance buyers, we will discuss how existing captives have supported insureds through the hard market, discuss what non-traditional captive lines, such as D&O, are being written increasingly through captives, and the impact of Covid-19 on international employee benefits programmes.

We will also hear about captive formation activity from the UK and hear from a new captive owner.

The moderator for this session will be Richard Cutcher, Executive Producer, Global Captive Podcast.

Barry Beard
Director European Global Services
Richard Cutcher
Captive Ambassador
Owen Williams
Global Programme and Captive Regional Director for UK & Nordics, AXA XL
Karen Jenner
IPT Client Engagement Director
TMF Group
Peter Child
Chair of Marketing Development Committee, Guernsey International Insurance Association

6th Oct, 9:45 - 10:45

S7. The data-centric organisation - the value of a resilient data and analytics strategy

The digitisation of end-to-end customer journeys and internal processes, while adopting tools that might once have been considered risky just to stay ahead is a business imperative.

What started as a technical process restricted to a few specialists in IT, business intelligence has evolved through several generations and become much more accessible. With the advent of user-driven analytics, business users have been given the power to prepare data, load it and interact with it in intuitive, visual ways, extending the potential of the power of analytics to users in every area of the business. But the promise of data analytics remains to be fulfilled.

The uncertainty created by the pandemic will stay with us for years to come, but with disruption comes enormous opportunity, not just to restart what we used to do, but to forge new paths – this opportunity embraces our analytics strategies too.

Developments changing the data and analytics landscape include: the transformation in the volume, variety and velocity of data available; the spread of data across premises and cloud sites; the explosion of mobile and Internet of things (IoT) devices; and the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of data.

This seminar will consider how these developments are being applied in the worlds of managing risk and insurance, taking a look into the future and what is yet to come.


Mike Roberts
Vice President, Analytics
Constantin Beier
Global Head of Business Development, Data & Analytic Services
Aon plc
Arvind Drubhra
Director of Operations
Nirav Shah
Head of Pricing & Analytics
Tokio Marine Kiln
Richard Hartley
Shruthi Rao
Co-found & CEO
Adapt Ready

6th Oct, 9:45 - 10:45

S8. Corporate purpose more than words - Roads to Repurposing - Building strategic resilience

Corporate purpose is a way to express the organisation’s impact on the lives and objectives of its stakeholders. A clear purpose inspires the organisation’s people to do good work and it can be an effective way to align effort across the organisation towards achieving a common goal. However, in a more socially connected and aware society, it is increasingly seen as a people  retention and recruitment selling point – executive search firms report that being a purpose-driven organisation is now key to recruiting top talent. Corporate repurposing – the process of defining and refining an organisation’s purpose – provides an opportunity to rethink the organisation at every level. There is potential for risk professionals to be among those who top management look to for guidance when undertaking a repurposing exercise. Risk professionals understand the opportunity that repurposing presents in the quest to build the strategically resilient organisation. Based on the findings of the Airmic thought leadership Roads to Repurposing report to be launched at the conference, this seminar will address what good repurposing looks like and examine the role of the risk professional as part of this strategic process.

Hoe-Yeong (Moderator)
Research Manager
Tony Hardy
Head of Property & Casualty
Rachael Johnson
Head of Risk Management and Corporate Governance
Jonathan Stebbings
Associate Fellow
University of Oxford Saïd Business School
Andrew Bart
President, Loss Adjusting, International

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