We know that conferences can take a heavy toll on resources, society and the environment.

They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy, or even ignite tensions in local communities.

That is why we are working together with the Brighton Centre, our suppliers and contractors to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly Conference.

At the Airmic Conference you will find that:

• We will reduce the use of plastic being used at the Conference. If we use any ‘single use’ items such as grab and go coffee cups or ‘plastic’ water cups they will be compostable and will be put in with the food waste which is recyclable.

• Delegates will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles, coffee mugs and face masks.
• We will reduce the amount of paper being used. Delegates should bring their own writing materials. Workshop slides and feedback forms can be downloaded on line.

• Food and beverages will be sourced locally, organically grown where possible and the venue will minimise on food wastage and disposal.

• Conference caterers will not serve any ‘red meat’ products, and more vegan options will be available to delegates.

• Clearly labelled recyclable bins will be placed around the conference centre, and waste from exhibition stands will be recycled.

• Where possible delegates and exhibitors should consider ‘Green travel’ as much as possible. This means to consider travelling by train to Brighton Edinburgh and using the trams to get around the city. Partners are also encouraged to source ‘green friendly’ transport e.g. electric vehicles, in shuttling delegates from the conference centre to their own fringe events.

• Exhibitors should consider using environmentally friendly products for their stand build and materials which can be reused the following year.

• Airmic has committed to use local suppliers and contractors to support the conference.

The Brighton Centre are committed to being a sustainable venue and improving the impact that have , and the events that they host, have on our local environment and the planet. They work hard behind the scenes to look into ways to improve their carbon footprint.

There are many initiatives they have in place including:

• Zero to Landfill waste
• LED lighting throughout the venue
• Water-saving systems in place in the toilets
• Our energy is purchased from renewable sources
• Water fountains throughout the venue
• Carpet floor tiles
• Recycling bins throughout the venue

We hope you can support us and the environment to help make this event a ‘Green’ conference.








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