New at the Airmic Conference this year is the ESG HUB which will be located inside the exhibition hall. The HUB will feature 20-minute TED Talks from our Partners on the Environmental, Social and Governance topics. All attendees (including exhibitors) can drop in to these sessions. No pre-booking is required. Programme times are detailed below.

Climate change: The greatest risk transfer challenge of all

7 June, 10.25 - 10.45


The role of the risk manager has never been more important.

There are very few certainties in the world today, but climate change is one of them.

With your help, we can drive the insurance market to deliver, today, the products that we urgently need to face the reality of climate change.


Guernsey’s ESG framework – One year on, lessons learnt on implementing ESG

7 Jun, 10.50 - 11.10


A fireside chat with Captive Managers on lessons learnt in implementing The Guernsey International Insurance Association (GIIA) ESG Framework for insurers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to raise ESG issues with clients
  2. How managers can implement ESG frameworks
  3. Get practical advice on ESG issues as they impact insurers



ESG – is it possible to find a balance between ‘I’ and ‘we’?

7 Jun, 12.30 - 12.50


In this thought-provoking session Grant will explore individual and collective commitment to ESG and whether it’s possible to align individual need(s) with ‘doing the right thing’. And ask, how much of what we say in support of ESG translates to action; what are the limitations of our commitment and why?

By attending this session you will have an opportunity to consider:

  1. The trade-offs we make every day when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’
  2. How realism doesn’t need to be the enemy of ESG progress
  3. How every decision we make has an impact.

Managing water risks for your business

7 June, 13.00 - 13.20


In nearly all sectors, the cost of action to address water risks is significantly less than the cost of inaction, yet many organisations are inadequately prepared to manage these risks.

This session will highlight key water risks, share good practice for addressing them and showcase a tool for businesses to understand and manage their risks.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding why good water management is critical to most sectors of business
  • Understanding which physical water risks exist and how these can affect business operations, reputation and the regulation of each sector
  • Learning from leaders in water stewardship practice on recent achievements in water risk management
  • Understanding what businesses can do to mitigate future water risks
  • Highlight the importance of long-term water security for all to protect against future risks.


Exploring the ESG challenges risk managers are currently facing

7 Jun, 13.30 - 13.50


You’ve heard the term “ESG,” but how does that affect you and your company? Join us for a fireside chat, as we focus on the “E” in ESG and discuss how businesses are navigating the evolving landscape of sustainability and climate risk and the approach, tools and science-backed solutions to help respond to these challenges.

By attending this session you will:

1. Gain insight into sustainability and climate-related challenges which businesses are encountering.

2. Hear what steps you can take to respond to these challenges, including data-driven solutions businesses can employ to address how they impact the environment and how the environment impacts them.

3. Learn what you can expect from your property insurer when it comes to ESG.


Responsible Transition

7 Jun, 13.55 - 14.15


Leading companies want to work with those committed to a sustainable future and low-carbon transition. How can insurers know which ones are indeed leaders? Liberty Specialty Markets shares how insurance is a force for good. Learn about embedding ESG into decision-making – from identifying / supporting clients with credible transition plans, considering ESG at the portfolio and individual risk level, and how we strive to build back better.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to identify companies committed to low-carbon transitioning
  2. How insurers are embedding ESG into decision-making
  3. How insurers can support their clients in responsible transition


Five ways risk managers can own the climate conversation

8 Jun, 11.15 - 11.35


Risk managers have a huge opportunity to shape their organisations’ immediate and strategic response to climate-related risk. This TED-style session delivers your five-point plan to lead climate-driven change by exposing the risks and uncovering the opportunities and, crucially, communicating both in ways your board will want to hear.


Understanding the S in ESG – how employers are saving the World

8 June, 11.50 - 12.10


If you want to achieve your sustainability goals then speak to your employees. You won’t hit your targets unless you involve them and organise around them. And what about their goals? They also want to make a difference, and expect to be treated in a sustainable way. Organisations that put sustainability at the heart of their employment proposition are much more likely to attract, excite and retain their employees. David Wreford, Partner at Mercer, will talk about current trends in people sustainability – the process of engaging employees in sustainability.


Evolving risk management for a sustainable future

8 Jun, 12.20 - 12.40


Meeting self-imposed and regulatory climate change/sustainability targets, can become a challenge for many organisations. Risk and Sustainability Managers are often called to identify what more they can do to enable this adaptive process. Join our discussion and share your own thoughts and experiences about how to address this challenge.


Thank you to our Partners