Join some of our Partners at their networking breakfast seminars. 

These breakfast seminars are a great start to the day by networking with like minded individuals at the start of each day. All sessions must be pre-booked prior to the conference.

5th October, 08:00 – 09:00, BS.1 – BS.3
6th October, 08:15 – 09:15, BS.4 – BS.6

BS.1. Recovering from disaster: What have we really learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic and what should we do better?

With the last 18 months truly testing our disaster response and recovery plans, what lessons can we take from this and how can we strengthen our business resilience as a result?

BS.2.'Women in Business' Networking Breakfast – Lessons lockdown life can bring to the people agenda

Please join Willis Towers Watson and Rushton International for our ‘Women in Business’ networking breakfast.

This year we are joined by Amanda Scott, Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson, who will explore the opportunities lockdown learnings can offer employer and employees alike.

While the pandemic has caused widespread personal and global tragedies, opportunities have also arisen through lockdown and working from home that many people otherwise would not have had. And we need to learn from these. There have been personal opportunities to spend more time with family, streamlined access to work for those with disabilities, and more support and recognition for carers than ever before. This is our moment in time to capture these learnings, to improve work/life balance and even improve work/home gender balance for the future.

Amanda Scott, will share her personal story and explore what working from home can mean for gender equality, equality for those with disabilities or long-term illnesses and the broader people agenda over the longer-term.

What lessons can we learn? What innovations can we bring to our businesses? How can we use our learnings to retain and engage people? Pandemics spark innovation. The People Agenda is ripe for renovation. Let’s see what we can start! The breakfast, open to all delegates, will give you a chance to network with other like-minded professionals to discuss your experiences and share ideas.

BS.3 Reducing road risk with technology, HDI Global UK

As the use of telematics becomes more commonplace, attention has turned to how best to use the data that this technology creates to proactively improve driver behaviour and reduce road risk. At HDI, we have developed a sophisticated data analysis programme that empowers us to share useful and meaningful insights with clients to truly understand how to improve their drivers’ behaviours for the benefit of all road users and our insureds.

With telematics, the capture of over speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, over revving and excessive idling events, a detailed understanding of a driver’s behaviour can be generated and used to design training interventions to improve their driving. Telematics are now going a step further and integrating front, rear, side and In-cab facing Camera technology to provide a more in-depth view of driver behaviour.

Many of our clients are performing well on the road and achieving good performance scoring based on the standard telematics events. However, the majority of our client’s incidents stem from what we call the Avoidable Incident: hitting objects/property, hitting third party parked vehicles, client reversing, hitting a third party in rear, loss of control and client changing lanes. Most of these incidents occur through driver distraction.

With camera technology, we are better able to capture these incidents and with recent AI developments, can pro-actively engage the driver in these circumstances. The AI camera can now identify what is causing the driver distraction in the cab and prompt the driver in real time. The Avoidable instances can now be pro-actively targeted.

Join this session to learn more about how telematics and integrated camera technology is revolutionising the world of fleet management, and to understand how this could change your organisation for the better.

Presented Alex Clarke (Senior Underwriter & Motor Fleet Data Analyst).

BS.4.Business Excellence Programme (Invite only) - How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit

Purpose is one of the corporate buzzwords of 2021 – but controversial because companies also have a responsibility to their shareholders. Is there a trade-off between purpose and profit, or is it possible for companies to achieve both? This talk will critically examine the case for purposeful business, using rigorous evidence and real-life examples to show what works – and, importantly, what doesn’t. It will discuss practical ways for businesses to put purpose into practice, and how investors and citizens can play their part.
Host: Sean McGovern, CEO UK & Lloyds, AXA XL

Speaker: Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School & Mercers School Memorial Professor of Business, Gresham College

Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School. Alex has a PhD from MIT as a Fulbright Scholar, and was previously a tenured professor at Wharton and an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Alex has spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos, testified in the UK Parliament, and given the TED talk “What to Trust in a Post-Truth World” and the TEDx talk “The Social Responsibility of Business” with a combined 2.3 million views. He serves as Mercers School Memorial Professor of Business at Gresham College, giving a four-year programme of lectures to the public, and on Royal London Asset Management’s Responsible Investment Advisory Committee.

Alex’s book, “Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit”, was featured in the Financial Times list of Business Books of the Year for 2020. He has been named to Poets and Quants Best 40 Professors Under 40 and Thinkers50 Radar

BS.5 Life after Brexit - avoiding a life of disputes

This breakfast is the next step of the journey in the well-received series of Brexit Leadership roundtables hosted by Airmic with AIG.

Developing a relationship between the UK befitting that of a close partner with Europe will need mature reflection, distance and the constructive engagement of new players who can share priorities and move on from the past. Who are the lead actors in this drama and is this a realistic scenario? What are the practical challenges that businesses have navigated since the end of the transition period? What is the best hope for a constructive future? As we continue to face up to life after Brexit, and a life alongside COVID, what should the risk and insurance community and the organisations they represent be considering?

Join a panel of political, legal and industry leaders to scan the horizon to help us all prepare for 2022 and beyond.

Our moderator:
• Neil Sherlock, Non-executive Chair, Echo Research

Our panel:

• Glenn Hall, Partner and Co-Head of Global Government Relations & Public Policy at Norton Rose Fulbright

• Caroline Wagstaff, Interim CEO, London Market Group and Anthony Baldwin, CEO, AIG, Uk – the insurance industry voice

BS. 6 The Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast Meeting - A Year On

Last year at Airmic Fest, Airmic hosted a breakfast meeting to provide a forum where a select panel and the audience could share personal experiences in professional life and discuss what they would like to see change to enable the building of a workforce that is more representative of our employees and our stakeholders.

One year on has seen seismic societal changes, so Airmic will revisit this important and hear what our panellists and the audience think has changed and is it for the better?

The meeting will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

Chris Lay (Marsh)

Maxine Goddard (Sompo International)

Tayo Oyiniola (Weir Group)

Dexter Tang (Google)

Junior Garba (Tokio Marine)

Soowoo Park (Standard Chartered)

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