The health, safety and security of all who attend the Airmic Conference 2021 is our top priority. The Conference has been planned and assessed in line with UK government guidance for COVID-19 for “Events and attractions” in England. This guidance may be subject to change from time to time and we will continue to encompass these changes in our arrangements as necessary.

Driving Transformation I Shaping the Future  

Our world has changed and we have changed. New business models are everywhere, technology has swept away traditional work boundaries. Skills are in hyper-demand, and values such as purpose, equality, and inclusion have risen on the management agenda. In our digital world, we want fast, intuitive and streamlined digital experiences to enable us to live safer and healthier lives.

It’s all about risk.

Over the past year, the business landscape has become more precarious with protracted uncertainty and confusion in pandemic response approaches, the challenges of vaccine rollouts and emerging virus variants – and spillover effects into other risks.

While many businesses have innovated and adapted to rapidly-changing circumstances – seizing market share in the process – not all have. Nor will all benefit from the expected economic recovery.

Businesses must be ready for a disorderly shakeout during a volatile recovery period. And they will need to strengthen and constantly review their risk mitigation strategies to improve their resilience to future shocks.

Risk drives insurance

These same expectations are affecting the insurance industry value chain.

Technology opens up new opportunities to close existing and potential protection gaps, which may widen due to lack of relevance, affordability and trust in an increasingly complex and fast moving context.

Data powered by Artificial Intelligence, used by data savvy professionals and the increasing digitisation of insurance will play a role in seizing opportunities and providing new digital insurance solutions.

Partnership and collaboration fuel innovation

There is growing recognition that digital transformation and adoption can make all the difference between the future and failure of an organisation.  Confidence is increasing and organisations are thinking about risks beyond the pandemic: cyber security, regulatory, tax and supply chain risk and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are all top of mind.

Organisations are accelerating new digital business models and revenue streams and seamless digital customer experiences. However, there is a widening gap between the demand for innovation and the available talent to meet that demand.

Welcome to Brighton which promises to provide a wonderful opportunity to network, engage and collaborate as we emerge into the reality of the new post-pandemic world.

The Airmic Conference will have Covid-19 conditions which are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. Please visit this page for more information.

Airmic promotes and supports the planning, undertaking and subsequent recording, of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), offering a range of events, resources and other opportunities for professionals to develop. Claim over 50 CPD hours for attending the Airmic Conference.

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  • I've been attending the AIRMIC conference for over 10 years, spanning my in-house career. My knowledge and therefore attendance objectives have changed significantly during this time, but the conference activities have always kept up with my needs and every year has been a worthwhile use of my time.

    Dawn Bennet

    Group Risk & Insurance Manager

    BMI Group

  • Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just embarking on a career in risk, insurance or wider business governance, the Airmic conference is a superb environment to meet a diverse range of peers and partners. You will have the opportunity to learn, be challenged, develop ideas and relationships in a relaxed and inclusive setting created by the team at Airmic. A key benefit for me, is the ability to carry out a month’s worth of meetings over two days… each year Airmic continues to innovate to ensure your time is well spent and you get as much as you want from the Conference. I’d highly recommend it

    Joe Tunstall

    Senior Risk Manager & Head of Insurance


  • I go to the AIRMIC conference for the free dinners… it’s just a happy coincidence it provides the highest concentration of insightful risk management seminars, workshops and industry networking of any event I know. I always come away from the event with new knowledge and connections – often totally unexpected ones. The conference’s blend of enabling delegates to plan a schedule in advance but also jump into any interesting events and meetings they stumble across is fantastic, creating opportunities to broaden my horizons and challenge myself rather than going over the same topics and views that just reinforce my current thinking.

    Drew Hart

    Senior Manager, Insurance – Europe, Middle East and Africa

    Marriott Hotels International Ltd

  • Riskonnect view Airmic's Annual Conference as the pre-eminent Risk Management event in the UK, as it covers the full spectrum of both Insurable and Non-Insurable Risk enabling us to meet with Insurance, Risk, Compliance, Audit and Business Continuity professionals at a single event.

    Mark Holt

    Managing Director - International Sales


  • The Airmic conference is a great opportunity to meet with our customers and brokers in one place to discuss, debate and mutually share insight about the risks businesses are facing and how we can work in partnership to tackle these. Exhibiting at the conference gives us the visibility and platform in which to demonstrate our expertise as well as our core values and our commitment to these

    Victoria Russell

    Commercial Marketing Business Partner


  • Exhibiting at Airmic is an extremely efficient and effective way to get your brand in front of the prominent industry risk managers in the UK. The Airmic Conference provides the opportunity for our staff to meet with numerous risk managers and clients in one location rather than having to plan multiple trips to see individuals located within different regions.

    Rebecca Haggerty

    Cert CII | Vice President Marketing & Communications Group

    Allied World Assurance Company (Europe)

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