D3: Modern cities need modern insurance

More people now live in cities than outside them, demanding that cities deliver more than ever before to support them. Rapid urbanisation, infrastructure development and even the nature of work is changing to accommodate this expansion. With these changes, new risks are emerging, and previously understood risks may be very different to what they were just five years ago. Lloyd’s is working to assess these trends and their implications, supported by deep dives about what these trends mean for six cities from across the globe.

The workshop will share the Lloyd’s market initial research on maturing cities with AIRMIC members, so we can better understand how well known these risks are. With the research looking at infrastructure, home working and social change, there is a wide range of potential risks in this area. The session hopes to reveal those threats that are of top concern to risk managers and would be elements that the Lloyd’s market should focus on catering to, ensuring that risk managers can look to Lloyd’s for support.

The workshop will share a wide range of trends that are affecting cities according to our research, looking at both changing and new threats. At the end of the session, risk managers should know more about the challenges that they might see from the cities they do business with. In addition, they will have the ability to share how they wish for these risks to be mitigated and what role they expect Lloyd’s to have in that process.

This workshop is targeted at risk managers and insurance buyers from the public and private sectors.

  • Presented by James Burchill, Lloyd’s Innovation Associate, Innovation team.