Seven of our Partners will be hosting networking brunches on day one of the conference. 

These brunches are a great way to start the morning and network with like minded individuals on the first day.

These brunches will have limited capacity and are pre-book only. 

Chubb (BR1)

Terrorism, Civil Commotion or Political Violence, exploring the emerging, multinational risks.

With an emphasis on claims case studies, we’ll discuss the current status quo of the terrorism risk landscape and explore the trends we envisage developing. An informal and conversational session over breakfast, our experts will share their insights and then look forward to hearing and discussing your viewpoints.


FM Global (BR2)

Industrial Control Systems – When Cyber gets Physical

Industrial control systems are the means by which the digital world is connected to the physical world. As businesses continue to increase their reliance on automated controls and drive the prevalence of networked devices, these industrial environments are more at risk from cyber than ever.

Cyber crime is evolving past theft of data, beyond business network infiltration, to the interruption of production through the connectivity of the operating technology (OT). A more troubling risk is the potential for cyber-based manipulation of physical equipment and processes – physical damage beyond the 1’s and 0’s.

Understanding cyber risk for an organization means identifying all potential vulnerabilities, from the physical security, to information systems and industrial control systems. Protecting these environments requires a holistic approach to evaluating cyber risk combined with a solid understanding of the business critical something or others. In this session, Tiago Dias – FM Global Cyber Security Consultant will talk about protecting the production environment, which requires a t unique approach to security and a solid understanding of the equipment at risk

HDI Global UK (BR3)

Threat or Opportunity: how will our youngest and oldest generations work together?

In today’s workplace, five generations – from the Silent Generation to Gen Z – are working side by side. But how do late teenagers work with over 60s – and all the other ages in between? How can they collaborate and work effectively, for the benefit of individual, team, organisation and sector? In 45 minutes, intergenerational expert Henry Rose Lee will explain the generational theory, bust myths about older and younger workers and provide some practical hacks for maximising inclusion and performance across all the generations in your organisation.

Marsh (BR4)

The Future of Work and Emerging Trends

The Future of Work and Emerging Trends – Human capital is at the heart of high-growth companies, and attracting and retaining top talent is essential for success. With a majority of company executives foreseeing a significant surge in workforce disruption in the next few years, what are leading firms doing to deliver a workforce for the future?

As Kate will discuss during her presentation, thriving organisations are human-led and digitally enabled. They put purpose at the heart of their talent value proposition, and ensure the diversity and adaptability of their workforce. She will lead a provocative discussion around the drivers of disruption (legislative, technological, demographic and macroeconomic), the impact of these disruptors, and the challenging – yet exciting – opportunities for organisations to respond.

Winning organisations will be those that create stronger connections with its people. Kate refers to this as creating “connectivity in the human age.” She will engage brunch participants on ways in which organisations can build trust, develop genuine and generous dialogue, and deliver purposeful experiences that delight and surprise their people


How important are relationships in the current market? 

QBE representatives will lead a discussion on the value of relationships between brokers, insurers and insureds in hard market conditions. Many in the risk and insurance community have not encountered in their career to date an environment such as todays and with coverage more difficult to come by and premium rates on the rise, all parties could be forgiven for calling into question the value of long term relationships. Rob Byerly, Director of Financial Lines, will put forward the case from an underwriting perspective and why a recalibration of the market will lead to enduring benefits for all parties. Tony Hills, Client Solutions Executive, will share his views from a relationship management point of view and why maintaining strong relationships in challenging times is a critical stage in building long term resilience.

Travelers (BR6)

Diversity and inclusion is good for business but what can you do to make sure that your policies are inclusive rather than divisive? Join this Travelers led panel discussion to hear those who have been through the journey share experiences from their business to help you with your own inclusion best practice

Willis Towers Watson (BR7)

Willis Towers Watson and Rushton International Women in Business Brunch – Falling in love with Change

A story of having change thrust upon you in the most horrific of circumstances, a life changed, an attitude changed and now The Change. We are sure this year’s brunch will offer an inspirational guide not only for ‘women of a certain age’ but for men and women of all ages who need to find ways to deal with changes in their personal and professional lives.




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